PGF Report 2011-2014

This report is result of the monitoring of the projects supported by PGF – Project Generation Facility -an intervention of “Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma” (MtM), an initiative of OSI Budapest, which seeks to connect achievement of Roma inclusion objectives to EU development resources. The project begun with its implementation in 2011 by Macedonian Center for International Cooperation – MCIC and Association Initiative for Social Change – InSoC, and is currently in the application stage for the next Year 4 (2015). During these years of its implementation, PGF supported in total 132 project ideas, selected and prepared 106 project application of which in total 26 applications were approved with total budget of 1,719,067.00 €.

This subsections list and describe each of the projects supported by PGF that has been awarded until august 2014.

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Надир Реџепи – Координатор – учетво на МТВ1 – Македонија Наутро