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The Roma were and still are marginalized in society. On the other hand, national governments and international organizations are trying to overcome segregation, stigmatization and marginalization of the Roma and try to fully integrate Roma into society. But still the Representatives of state institutions, representatives from Local self-governments and representatives from Roma community in Republic of Macedonia having a general agreement that active networking can be a potentially effective instrument for changing the situation in a positive direction and establishing mechanisms for involvement of Roma CSOs and Roma representatives, and significantly improving their impact on policy and decision-making processes. Read More

ROMA ACTION + civic engagement of local community

PROGRAMME CONCERNED: “Support of the implementation of the RCC Strategy and Work Programme 2017-2019”

“ROMA ACTION + civic engagement of local community”

Comparative Analysis – The use of the National Policies for Roma at the Local Level

Policy Briefs – Advocacy of Roma on Local Level in Republic of Macedonia

 Overall goal of the project:

To contribute towards creation on proactive and committed local watchdogs who works on mainstreaming Roma issues into local policies while addressing specific problems of the Roma community in Macedonia.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. To strengthen the capacity of local action groups (LAGs) for Roma enabling them to plan and undertake strategically their further local actions.
  2. To collect data for the situation within the local Roma community as a baseline to influence the socio-economic policies of the Government in the Republic of Macedonia.

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