Capacity building for Roma CSOs for: Implementation of EU-funded projects and grant management

Association Initiative for Social Change InSoC and Macedonian Center for International Cooperation MCIC in the period from 21 to 22 of May 2016 in the hotel “Skardus”, Popova Shapka organized a training on “Implementation of EU-funded projects and grant management, for Roma CSOs.

The training was conducted by the trainer Mr. Fatmir Bytyqi and attended by participants from Roma CSOs who are implementing EU funded projects. The main purpose of the training was to contribute to Increasing and improving the capacity and actions of Roma CSOs.

The following modules were covered:

  • Planning and managing an EU funded project, and specifically such in the frame of relevant EU Programmes;
  • Understanding the basic requirements related to administration of an EU funded project: i.e. legal framework, eligibility framework, timelines and deadlines;
  • Understanding the basic requirements for proper financial management of an EU funded project;
  • Introduction to the public procurement principles and basic rules (i.e. the EU Practical Guide).

The training was conducted under the frame of the project “Roma access to funds” (PGF), which is part of the program “Making the Most of EU funds for Roma” (MTM) of the Open Society Institute, Budapest.

Надир Реџепи – Координатор – учетво на МТВ1 – Македонија Наутро