R  E  A  C  T  I  O  N



The informal network of Roma NGOs in Macedonia – Roma Decade Focal Point – Macedonia, which is composed of 18 Roma NGOs and other civil society organizations and individual, strongly condemns the violation act, the hate speech and the violence against Mitko, 17 year old Roma from village Ovcepolci, Municipality of Pazardzik – Republic of Bulgaria, done on 18.04.2016. According to the news  http://goo.gl/cxf8Yh  and the video posted on social networks, the organizations condemn the behavior, the hate speech and the violence, where Mitko, neither provocated nor confronted the attacker. While the attacker, who publicly declares himself as a nationalist, attacked the young boy because he stated during the conversation that the two (the attacker and Mitko) are equal.

Informal network of NGOs Roma Decade Focal Point – Macedonia will monitor the resolution of this case and expect institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria to confirm its commitment to non-discrimination, equality and fair prosecution of future cases, regardless of whom they are challenged and that harm the democratic state. We expect the institutions in Republic of Bulgaria strongly to react against hate speech, violence and intolerance against Roma.

Also, we believe that the institutions in Republic of Bulgaria, will take into consideration this unpleasant, inhuman and violent act and in the future, will influence in the promotion of fundamental human rights and practice of democracy in Republic of Bulgaria.

We urge the Council of Europe to react adequately towards the representatives of the Republic of Bulgaria and monitor the situation of Roma. Also the Council of Europe should invite the official representatives of the Republic of Bulgaria on greater responsibility and protection of human rights and democratic values and thereby also protecting the rights of Roma in Republic of Bulgaria.


Skopje, 19.04.2016

Надир Реџепи – Координатор – учетво на МТВ1 – Македонија Наутро