Building capacities of institutions and support for the implementation of public policies targeting Roma

  • Development of local action plans in the Decade of Roma inclusion priority areas
  • Training and workshop for the National Coordinative Body for a financial strategy for the Decade and identification of possible funds to match state budget funds
  • Advocacy on issues related to public policies for Roma in the Euro-integration process (inclusion of the issues in IPA plans, EC progress reports, etc)
  • Support for the development of project proposals related to issues of Roma and public policies targeting Roma, for EU fundraising
  • Capacity building of the Unit for implementation of the action plans and the strategy for Roma, strategic planning and project development, management, and institutional building
  • Capacity building of the Roma Information Centers on local planning in relation to public policies targeting Roma and connection to EU programs and funds

Надир Реџепи – Координатор – учетво на МТВ1 – Македонија Наутро