• Networking with Macedonian and international organizations working on Roma inclusion for advocacy, project generation, and exchange of good practices during the period (2015-2020).
      Participation in DFP Network.
    Cooperation with MLSP for preparation of policies related to Roma.
    Implementation of projects with other NGOs in areas of human rights, social inclusion advocacy, capacity building of NGO representatives, Roma State administrates, Roma youth etc.
    Exchange of information and good practices with other NGOs – in sectors of education, health, employment, housing – via study visits and publishing a compendium of good practices.
    Collaborating with state institutions to influence Roma policy decisions during the period (2015-2020).
    Cooperation with the unit for implementation of the action plans of Strategy for Roma and Roma Decade (preparation of project phish for Roma)
    Cooperation with the Ombudsman (exchange of information for employment and HR protection)
    Cooperation with the municipality of Suto Orizari (preparation of Roma policy)
    Cooperation with Agency for community rights realization ARCR (participative forum workshops).
    Participating in existing networks for planning on Roma integration strategies and strengthening capacities for implementation of Roma programs, during the period (2015-2020).
    Participation in Anti-poverty network
    Participation on Roma Youth Cross-border project (Albania and Macedonia)
    Participation in Agency for community rights realization ARCR workshops.


  • Strengthening capacities of Roma NGOs to access EU funds and other bilateral funding opportunities.
      Organizing activities for capacity building to strengthen the expertise of Roma NGOs, during the period (2015-2020).
    Organization of activity for supporting NGOs which working to Roma as a beneficiaries for Project cycle management, Project implementation, Budget planning, Monitoring and evaluation
    Mentoring and coaching
    Providing project generation facility to Roma NGOs to access EU funds and other bilateral funding opportunities, during the period (2015-2020).
    Provide support for project implementation
    Pre-financing and co-financing
    Monitoring and Evaluation of project for Roma supported by our association project activates. 
  • Advocacy for better inclusion of Roma in line with EU2020 guidelines.
      Advocacy for recognition of Roma rights to influence policy decisions and state budget, during the period (2015-2020).
    Advocacy coalition with NGOs
    Good practices on advocacy
    Public debate with state officials and NGO representatives
    Social media campaign
    Media advocacy
    Monitoring the social inclusion of Roma and advocacy trough measures recommendations, during the period (2015-2020).
    M&E of Roma policies
    Conducting a survey of Roma
    Policy brief
    Recognition of most friendly Roma Mayor(s).