Supported by: Open Society Institute – Budapest/ Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma

Budget: € 329030


  1. Increased and sustainable social inclusion, capacities for and participation in development processes of Roma people in Macedonia, with particular focus on integration, anti-discrimination and desegregation.
  2. Increased access to EU funds for activities/projects benefiting Roma communities and their organizations in Macedonia.


Expected results:

  1. In order to reach the set objective, following targets should be accomplished through activities during the project realization:
  2. Number of new (junior) service providers (organizations and individuals) selected and trained– 3 to 5 (at least half of them Roma);
  3. Number of actors working with Roma communities trained for successfully compete on EU and other funded projects –100
  4. Number of stakeholders involved in PGF project (institutions and individuals) –50
  5. Number of ideas that will be generated in the process –60

Number of projects that will be selected and assisted for development –40



  1. Capacity building
  2. Capacity building of the final beneficiaries
  3. Capacity building of the selected PGF Service Providers (consultative meetings with the senior SPs and capacity building sessions and consultation with the current junior SPs.
  4. PGF Process
    1. Meetings with relevant stakeholders
    2. PGF Service provision
  • Ideas generation
  • Application development and their submission on EU and other relevant calls
  • Created Database of the generated ides, developed and submitted applications
    1. Supplementary grant scheme
    2. System for continuous information flow to beneficiaries and monitoring
    3. Campaigns
  1. 1. Promotional campaign
  2. 2. Informative events on specific EU and other opportunities


  1. PGF transition from MCIC to InSoC


Project duration: January 2014 – December 2016