Supported by: IPA Cross Border Programme Macedonia – Albania

Budget: € 96324


The main objectives are:

  1. Socio-cultural approach for social cohesion and introducing the Roma in society, learning of cultural and traditional values, positive examples of education, exchange information and experiences between Roma and others.

Specific project objectives are:

  1. Development and implementation of programmes for social integration of socially marginalized group and youth;
  2. Support of joint programmes and research development initiatives;
  3. Establishment of partnerships between NGOs of both sides of the border and operations aiming at developing the technical and management capacities of the NGOs;
  4. Support of joint cultural events and activities and joint project aiming at promoting and protecting cultural and historical heritage;


Expected results:

  1. NGO developing and youth collaboration in direction for faster social inclusion;
  2. Promotion of the culture, education and the positive examples;
  3. Joint review development initiatives for the both regions;
  4. Partnerships between NGOs and networking to advocacy for social integration;
  5. Promoting and introducing cultural and historical heritage, introduction of the culture, tradition and folklore;
  6. Exchange the experiences from the education, cultural and traditional values of Roma community;



  1. Workshops for development cooperation between young people in the direction of faster social inclusion.
  2. Publication of the brochure with positive examples of social cohesion and education in both countries.
  3. Review the measures taken in both countries to improve the access of Roma children in schools to prevent denunciations and ensure their success in school;
  4. Workshops for building regional NGO network for social cohesion.
  5. Fair, Festival of Roma music, culture and tradition and promotion of Roma NGOs work, one in Albania and Macedonia.
  6. Exchange of visits between the partners (one in Macedonia, one in Albania)


Project duration: September 2013 – August 2014